Sunday, November 05, 2006

Born to Be Wild

Things I Am Now Comfortable Enough to Do While Riding On the Back of a Motorcycle

  • Open my eyes

  • Breathe

  • Put my hand out to indicate turning direction, like a good passenger

  • Put my hand out to ward off oncoming buses

  • Talk with the driver

  • Let my legs dangle off the sides

  • Ride sidesaddle in a skirt

  • Not hold on

  • Send and read text messages

  • Send and read text messages from the driver's phone

  • Think of blog entries like this one


Master Fob said...

Wow, it's like you're a rebel without a cause. Unless your cause is writing on your blog.

Melyngoch said...

My question is whether you'll do all this while wearing a purple leather miniskirt and playboy bunny flip-flops. Cause boy, that would be hot.

Petra said...

Melyngoch: For you, I will try.

Master Fob: It's as good a cause as any, right?