Friday, December 01, 2006

Busy Bee

Things I did this week, in a desperate attempt to fill my spare time:

hosted a radio show
read four (4) novels
taught piano lessons to six (6) rowdy Primary children
worked on my grad school application
created a poster presentation for an academic conference next week
did aerobics with the Relief Society
taught my weekly English class at the church
did numerous (?) crossword puzzles
guest lectured about anaphora and deixis in a university class, in Indonesian
took a five (5) hour nap
watched my favorite soap opera, The Teenage Bride
memorized five hundred (500) vocabulary words
tried to watch Trainspotting for the second (2nd) time
beat my students at Scrabble one hundred seventy eight (178) to forty-four (44)
changed my phone number to avoid my stalker
wrote tens (10s) of emails
went to a housewarming party
had a Javanese lesson
read six (6) books of the New Testament
ate delicious soup with some friends from class

Notice how not one (1) of those things is "did homework" or "studied for finals." Life is good.


Melyngoch said...

I officially hate you. In that still-planning-to-marry-you-once-I-recover-from-being-straight sense.

mysh said...

yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and agree with melyngoch here. thanks for rubbing it in.

Katya said...

Dear Petra,

You appear to have removed access to your blog archives. This is most inconvenient. Kindly fix it.



Amber said...

What did you talk about on your radio show? (And no, you do NOT dare to eat a durian...I myself have avoided them based on a friend's description: "vomit mixed with gasoline.")