Friday, January 12, 2007

The Obligatory "Weird Food" Post

New Foods I Tried Today

cow brains, mashed, fried, and cooked with egg
cow skin, dried and inflated
cow lungs, disguised in some way to look vaguely like chicken
chicken feet, not disguised in any way

New Foods I Enjoyed Today



madredelapiedra said...

Tomorrow you can post a blog entitled "Strange Thoughts While Spending the day in the Toilet."

Tolkien Boy said...

Also, you can, at your next non-Indonesian party, say with a smug smile, "Like the Native Americans, I used every part of the cow when I eat it."

Melyngoch said...

None of those, I'm pretty sure, taste anything like Grimm's Law, which tastes like a very thick, heavily spiced Cornish pasty.

Th. said...