Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Martian in My Meal

Most of the food I ate in Cambodia and Vietnam was delicious. I loved Vietnamese pho, or noodles (though I didn't love my inability to pronounce the word, which is something like "fuh" but high and possibly falling tone), I loved Vietnamese beef dishes (strange since I usually avoid anything beef in the States), and I ate a tomato and chicken and pineapple soup in Cambodia that destroyed my desire to eat anything else ever again, ever (which might be a good basis for a dieting company).

There was one notable exception to the rule, though. At a small noodle stand in Cambodia, where I had ordered a seemingly harmless bowl of chicken noodle soup, I found an alien in my noodles.

Now, before you think I'm needlessly exaggerating for the sake of the story, like how I claim that the Three Nephites once rescued me and Alea from being lost near Sandy, and how the "alien" was probably just a squid, take a look.

What the heck is that thing? Now imagine you find that in your soup. What's worse, it was buried under the noodles, so that I had eaten about 2/3 of the bowl by the time I stumbled upon the extraterrestrial at the bottom.

What did I do about it, you may ask? Well, I'm no Sigourney Weaver: I shrieked. Then I fished it out of my soup and took a picture. Then I finished the noodles. Hey, touring Cambodia makes a girl hungry.


Mr. Fob said...

I don't know, it looks like a lime to me.

Melyngoch said...

Sigourney Weaver fights aliens in just her underwear. Perhaps things would have gone better if you'd been wearing just underwear.

Th. said...


I can't believe you just casually returned to America carrying who-knows-what-sorts-of horrible ET diseases.

Anonymous said...

i remember an orchestra trip awhile back where everyone in the back of the charter bus suddenly had a fascination with the word 'pho' and we all kept saying it for some reason.

oh, and the alien in your food? well... this is why we bless it before we eat it.

mysh said...

Aliens are people too, you cannibal!

mysh said...

Hmm. Where did your "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..." post go?