Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hannah In Real Life

I am back in Berkeley after my travel adventures, and have been thrown directly into the thick of things; let's not go over what I've been trying to do this week (compensate for a week of missed classes! get over jet lag! see friends! settle into my apartment! find a purpose in life!) except to say that I feel a bit like this:

Tiny. Inadequate. Taking on the impossible. In fact, I should just attach a Demotivator-type slogan to that picture and hang it above my desk: "GRAD SCHOOL. What Made You Think It Was a Good Idea?"

I promise an update soon--soon! really!--because I have lots of whos and whats and wheres to talk about: Syrian Bedouin, Iraqi border guards, hot Spanish tourists, Israeli soldiers, Jordanian taxi drivers; biking, walking, talking, photographing, laughing, sleeping, and definitely not eating; castles, churches, tents, mosques, markets, and dirty, dirty hostels. Give me time, though, to collect my thoughts (and my pictures!) and to get my real life a bit more in order.

And in that real life? You know, where I'm a mature, responsible adult and etc etc? Right now I have green paint on my shin, and purple on my elbow. My right arm is covered with splashed Otter Pop juice, and my left calf is smeared with bicycle grease. Oh, and I smell like chlorine. So I guess real life isn't so bad: grad school woes or not, this is my kind of Saturday.


Mr. Fob said...

Hey, you live in Berkeley! I knew this, but had completely spaced it for the past month or so that we've been an hour away from you, mostly because I've never seen you in Berkeley so it's not yet a concrete fact in my mind. I should have invited you to the hippiefest today. We'll have to make sure you are involved next time we go down to see the Thteeds.

Jan said...

I missed Petra and am so glad you're back blogging.

Annie said...

at first i thought that picture meant you felt like moldy brick. i know it's not mold, but brush-kissed stone wall isn't as negative or gross.

Little Red said...

Hey, will you send me your mailing address? And do you know Ian & Anne's address? Thanks!

Diane said...

Wahoo, my favorite blogger is back.

Jamie said...

I'm so happy you are back! We will have to get together for lunch soon.