Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yeah, I Guess

I secretly love it when the New York Times describes my life.

Or do I secretly hate it?

Either way, this article is clearly me, drifting off to Facebook. (In my defense, I have to keep myself in a job, right?)

My apologies, dear readers. Someday I will blog again, I swear.


Grandma Jan said...

As I'm not on Facebook, I've been noticing the trend and missing you in particular. But I'll be using the article from the Times in my English A2 class, where we've been discussing all kinds of Internet and media-related issues. We even read the Time magazine article about MZ. Would you like to send me a quotable quote about your opinion of the article's characterization of your boss?

Petra said...

I haven't even read the article, but sure! It's probably more accurate than the movie, and you can quote me on that.

daine said...

This is me as well. I still post things on my blog, but FB imports it into a note, where I get all my comments and follow-up discussion. I'm thinking of just killing the blog.

Petra said...

Daine, yeah, I know. Trust me, I miss your blog too. (Or maybe I just wish that you'd post on Facebook more?)