Thursday, December 15, 2011

I get all my life advice from pop songs

Watching SNL over the weekend, I was exposed for the first time to Robyn and this song. Yes, I know, I live under a rock. A rock with a Radiohead-themed Pandora station. Watch the video if you want to see someone wearing what appears to be the shrunken pelt of Muppet dancing even worse than me, but I want to talk for a moment about the song. It's called "Call Your Girlfriend," and according to Pitchfork, it's a "soaringly tuneful electro-pop ballad" with Robyn "tell[ing] her boyfriend exactly how to break it off with the other woman to inflict the least emotional damage."

Sure. So I listened to the song several times after I first heard it, because apparently a soaringly tuneful electro-pop ballad really hits the spot right now. I was really enjoying the lyrics like "Call your girlfriend/ It's time you had the talk/Give your reasons/Say it's not her fault," and it took me 3-4 listens before I realized the actual scenario was that Robyn was the new woman. Before that, I just heard it as a song full of helpful life advice, as if this particular Swedish pop star is just honestly invested in seeing other people end relationships with grace and maturity. I was so tickled by the idea of a Top 40 pop song about something other than the singer's own heartaches that I instantly started of thinking of other sorts of solid life advice that could make great songs in this genre of "pop music for responsible grown-ups":

Wash The Dishes (..."it's time you took your turn")
Stop Speeding ("'s time to obey the law")
Stand Up Straight ("'s time to see a chiropractor")
Pull Yourself Together ("'s time you dealt with your issues")

And, of course, Call Your Mother ("it's time she heard from you").


Diane said...

That last one is always good advice!!!

Sui Sin Far said...

Ugh, her outfit is terrible. And, while I'm concerned that protagonist of the song is dating a dishonest cheat, it is good advice about being emotional mature.

Andrew said...

I shared the same video with my colleagues after watching SNL. My motivation was a little different though . . .

She a) stole my 5th grade haircut and b) stole ALL of my dance moves. She is my new hero.