Friday, May 12, 2006

Thoughts, Alone On Campus At Midnight

Never adopt the old-lady habit of turning your headlights on at daylight. You will forget them when you turn off the car, guaranteed. Also, Petra, you are stupid.

Why was it necessary to drive to campus, anyway? Doesn’t the idea of walking sound so much more appealing?

Thank heaven for cell phones.

Hi there, Tolkien Boy. Hi there, Optimistic. Hi there, Roommate’s Boyfriend. Hi there, Roommate’s Fiance. Hi there, Friend From Old Ward. Does no one have jumper cables?

What could the University Police possibly be doing right now that they can't help me?

Never be caught anywhere without a book. Drat.

Why, oh why, won’t the internet work? Oh, please, technological powers that be, smile upon me!

iFilm is one cool program.

Actually, Macs are just cool in general. I’m a fan.

Desert climates get rather chilly in the evening. I should have brought a sweater.

Be polite to the police, even when they make you wait for forty-five minutes in the middle of the night. All can be forgiven, as long as they come bearing jumper cables and a working car as a peace offering.


Master Fob said...

I have jumper cables.

Squirrel Boy said...

I have jumper cables too. It looks like you just called the wrong people. Of course, I live at least forty minutes away and was presumably asleep at the time, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Tolkien Boy said...

You never asked if I have jumper cables.

But of course, you already knew I don't have them, because this is...oh, the fifth time this has happened?


Melyngoch said...

I have no jumper cables. I'm not sure why. They might make an attractive accessory to my bicycle.

erin said...

I bought some jumper cables. I am not a boy scout but I do try to be prepared.