Monday, February 19, 2007

By the Rivers of Babylon

Movies I've Watched in the Last Few Months While Battling Culture Shock

(And My Reaction)

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
United 93
After the Wedding
Pan's Labyrinth
Schindler's List
The Queen
(teared up)
Fahrenheit 9/11
(sneered, teared up)
Looking For Comedy in the Muslim World
Look Both Ways
(laughed, cried)
(looked at the clock, cried)
The Squid And the Whale
(looked at the clock, fast-forwarded)
In America
(fast-forwarded, cried)
Children of Men
City of God
Mystic River

Most of the information I've read on culture shock lists one of the symptoms as "feelings of sadness, melancholy, or depression." Yeah, you think?

Let's just say I'm glad January is far behind me. Ayo, onwards and upwards to my happy ending!


Tolkien Boy said...

Well, even though they made you cry, at least you can rest happily in the knowledge that these movies demonstrate that there's something good about American culture...something I imgaine it might be easy to forget.

Especially if you lived with my pro-oil, pro-war, pro-genocide, and pro-whaling roommates.

I think I'd rather live with you, culture shock and all. Okay, I don't think that--I know it.

steve said...

have you seen Shopgirl yet? Mark Kozelek (previously mentioned on this blog, ya?) has a small role in it playing presumably himself, singing Sun Kil Moon songs. I'm kind of luke warm on the movie itself, but it was a strange surprise to have him pop up in the first movie I've gotten to watch at my guest house all year.

By the way, I hear you on the culture shock or whatever you want to call it...this has been my month of shaky sanity (well, I hope its just this month).