Monday, October 22, 2007

It Just Never Got Old!

There's one major aspect of Vietnam I didn't mention--its currency, which is colorful, inflated, covered in pictures of Ho Chi Minh, and, in an endless source of amusement to English speakers, called the dong. Yes, that's right: it's basically the world's greatest innuen-dough.

Ah, dong jokes. Who can resist? The Duke and I certainly couldn't. And so, I present a list to satisfy the giggling pre-teen in all of us:

Actual Phrases Innocently Uttered By Petra or The Duke While In Vietnam

And now all I've got is a handful of wet dong.
These Vietnamese only like me for my dong.
Well, I wanted to, but I only had a little dong.
I can get so much dong in Vietnam!
I need to pull my dong out of the slot.
Do you think they exchange dong here?
My dong is prettier than yours.
Try slipping him some dong.
Can you see my dong hanging out of my pocket?
I wonder if they'll give me dong if I give them dollars.
And then they'll be all like, "Welcome to Vietnam, may I take your dong?"
I just can't seem to hold on to my dong!
Man, I can't believe how inflated the dong is.
Can I have some dong?
I wonder if they'll take my dong.
Well, don't just stand there with your dong in your hands!
Wanna see my dong?


The Joo said...

This totally reminds me of that time in syntax that we replaced every word that started with "ex" with "sex". IE, this post was sexcellent! Ah, shameless juvenile joys:).

Petra said...

Well, it's good to know I do still have some areas of sexpertise.

Oh. Dear. That just sounds bad.

mysh said...

Remember the time you gave me dong in my car? That was a sexciting summer night.

Ginsberg said...

I laughed out loud. This post was bordering on sexistantial.

Amber said...


JB said...

[voice="Beavis"] Why does everybody wanna see my [dong]? [/voice]

Anonymous said...

Shocking. Possibly appaling.


thefinitemonkey said...

Fantastically funny post! Exactly the kind of stuff my family would make fun of me for saying.

Speaking of family, my mom will be accompanying my brother-in-law to Vietnam in a few months to pick up the newest adopted member of the family. Any suggestions for while they are there (aside from the litany of wink-wink-nudge-nudge references)?