Saturday, October 13, 2007

Subterranean Grad School Blues

I spend my days feeling dumb
As the baby of the class.
I don't want to get glum,
But my classmates are kicking my ass.

Oh, I've got the 1st year of grad school blues,
I wish I could work 9-to-5.
I can't even drown my sorrows in booze
I don't know how I'll survive.

My schoolwork is syn-taxing
And I live hand-to-mouth;
I've got no time for relaxing
And my social life's headed south.


So much work to do, Lordy,
I'm stressed out, cranky, and tired.
I know I'll be at this 'til forty
And when I'm done I'll never get hired!


Ohhhh, grad school,
Why you gotta be so cruel?
Ohhhh, grad school,
Why was I such a fool?


Caitlin said...

i completely feel you...i'm the baby of my class too. i just use it as an excuse to ask lots of questions and generally not know what's going on.

mysh said...

Subterranean Grad School Alien

The breadth of your learning
you keep forgetting—
the tell of your alarm-glummer stare—

You give into frowns—
rare, true, granted still a thing—
you match the feet
of stacks in the pediment
up above ...
aliens recover
waking Doe roomies
in their book stack homes;
and of all these elder preachers
who knock up their own spirits,
grill Noams in themselves
and only give bare (sieve-)creds:
they’re all less bright, less bright, less bright,
less bright, less bright, less bright—
I wish that you’d see—clowns of frumpy names,
equating right “jims” with thriving ...
Take them on board your beautiful ship,
show them the world as you love to see it.

I tell you: nigh ends the what!? prayed ever in Berkeley,
when in pink you finally accost it completely—
you grow (you know), then come the scars and weaning of life,
no more shut away
cos you’ll be all right, all right,
you’ll be all right,
you’re all right ...

you’re so bright, so bright, so bright,
so bright, so bright, so bright,
so bright, so bright, so bright ...

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