Monday, July 14, 2008

Master of My (Semantic) Domain, part 2

(part 1)

Sample sentences I understood today:
  • The national petrol investment company of the United Arab Emirates announced today that it, along with a Qatari investment commisison, would establish an investment fund exceeding one billion dollars, in order to undertake an operation of capturing the world investment stage.
  • Five judges in the high court of Iraq survived an assassination attempt when bombs exploded outside their homes east of the capital of Baghdad, in an incident anonymous sources described as a plot to terrorize the justice system.
  • An Israeli spokesman said to the Reuters news agency that the Palestinian journalist who accused Israeli soldiers of detaining and torturing him upon his return from Europe to the West Bank "met with fair treatment during his inspection" and "underwent a routine check because of his suspected involvement in terrorist organizations"; the spokesman added that the journalist lost consciousness and fainted during the check for unknown reasons.
Sample sentences I misunderstood today:
  • That'll be 50 piastres, please.
  • The bus station is up the road and to the left.
  • What do you think of Jordan?
No points for guessing where I get most of my Arabic language practice.


Diane said...

I often lose consciousness and faint for unknown reasons, most often when waiting for buses in Jordan, a lovely and welcoming country to foreign visitors trying to figure out exchange rates.

Kaneeneenie said...

what good is a guessing game with no points to win?