Sunday, September 27, 2009

That bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam...

I have been married now for one week and one day:

Saturday we got married. (More on that later.)

Sunday we explored Gualala and watched 30 Rock. (It's our couple hobby.)

Monday we drove California Highway 1 and opened wedding presents. (Not at the same time.)

Tuesday I got sick and spent the day on the couch moaning to myself about a headache and a backache and a runny nose and, of course, that pesky cough. (Two months and counting.)

Wednesday was business as usual. (What is usual?)

Thursday I flew to Utah. (Ain't nothin' like Provo in the fall.)

Friday I gave a paper at a conference. (So the school would pay for me to hang out with my old professors and Annie and Alea and Chrish and ke.)

Saturday I took the LSAT and flew back home. (All the cool dropouts go to law school, right?)

Sunday we went to church in our brand new married-folk ward. (Babies everywhere!)


"How's married life?" everyone asks me. (Hey, it's conversation.)

Well? I have no idea. I did a double-take this morning at church when someone asked me about my husband, I can't stop staring in wonder and confusion at the ring on my finger, and I probably spent more time this week without Mike than with him. But we had some nice phone conversations while I was in Utah, and when I got back he was waiting to pick me up. Is that what married life means? Not having to take public transportation home from the airport? I can learn to live with that.


Mike said...

You do know you could just call a cab, right?

ReaRiahRoa said...

You know there might be more bellies than babies in the ward, right?

Mr. Fob said...

That's pretty much the gist of it.

Thora said...

I think marriage is never having to say goodnight on a doorstep. Also, I like your wedding dress. Mine had cap sleeves, and now I feel that forever I will be branded as a 2000s Mormon Bride.

Braden said...

Congratulations! (Also, law school? Awesome!)

Jennifer said...

Kenny always wanted to respond to the "how's married life" question with "eh, it sucks, but what can you do..." just because really, what do they expect you to say:)
Congrats on the wedding. You look very happy.
Marriage to me is never having to "take care" of a bug (spider) if I don't want to.

Annie said...

i'm glad you came to visit. and happy one weekiversary.

Connie said...

you and eliot should become bosom "i don't want a phd so i'm going to law school" buddies.

with matching folders. coordinated to match your outfits

Jen said...

Mazel tov, darlin'.

Alyssa Feik said...

The best thing to do when you are tired of people asking about your new married life is move to a new place and then not tell anyone you're newlyweds. Oh, and ditch all your old friends. It's great. Congrats.

Mackenzie said...

I was confused about the missionary brother in the picture and how he managed to get there. Then I realized he's cardboard. Good thinkin'.

And you looked lovely. :)

Snoop said...

Hannah, I'm so sorry I missed the one week anniversary; but I did watch some 30 Rock, or at least look at the DVDs, longingly.