Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Why couldn't I get THAT day over and over and over?"

I got married more than a month ago and I still have not posted any pictures. Clearly, I am a failure as a blogger. (Then again, I got arrested in Vietnam more than three months ago and I still have not posted any pictures of that either. I think that makes me a winner as a blogger.)

But wait no more! 9/19/09, to me, was just like that old song, you know, the one by the Dixie Cups: going to the chapel, and we're gonna get married...

By "chapel" I of course mean "temple."

The sky was blue (whoa whoa whoa):

And we'll never be lonely anymore:


There's not much to be said about the actual wedding ceremony--it was short and sweet, just us and our parents, we both remembered that the right answer is "yes" rather than "I do", and let's not go into how Mike giggled the whole time--so I'll move into the really good part, the reception. My mom was the wedding planner extraordinaire,

did I mention that I wore my mother's wedding dress?

and all I said I wanted from the party--this is true--is that I wanted to have fun. I've been to far too many weddings where the bride and groom stand in a receiving line, clearly not enjoying themselves, to want to repeat that for myself. And thank you, Mom, I had a blast. And how could I not? We held the party at a place that looks vaguely like the buildings on Tatooine:

It's a science museum, so in addition to having a great view

it had a wedding whale

a giant model of DNA

rock structures that can be shifted to replicate earthquake effects


a stream that can be dammed up

and plenty of other fun toys.

And if that location weren't cool enough on its own, we added to it with flowers and saris

a gamelan troupe

tons of food, gathered from American, Korean, Indonesian, Arab, Indian, and Vietnamese restaurants, to represent the countries in which we've lived

and a dessert table that was almost buckling under its own weight.

And so we whiled away the afternoon, on that sunny September Saturday, singing

and dancing

and karate kicking

and hanging out with the cardboard cutout of my missionary brother

and being carried in chairs

and being tossed on a blanket.

Yes, friends, I had fun. To channel Bill Murray from Groundhog Day: That was a pretty good day.

[thanks to my cousin Margaret for the pictures]


Jennifer said...

Sounds like the funnest wedding I've ever heard of. Congrats again.

Th. said...


Great pictures. Your wedding set a new standard for my expectations.

Phil and Jen Singer said...

Wow, looks/sounds like an awesome event. Congrats!

Logan said...


REIJA said...

The blanket is GENIUS. Now I'm getting visions for my wedding day. Also the chairs. Hannah, you are a genius. Wanna help plan my party? June 25, 2010. Oakland.

Amelia said...

These pictures made me very happy. Especially of all your cool Aunties breaking into song. Couldn't be better.

Zillah said...


Anonymous said...

Your reception looks like it was awesome!

Alyosha said...

Hooray, pictures! It looks marvelous.

(I still can't believe you married a white guy, though; racist.)

ambrosia ananas said...

Sounds wonderful. Congratulations! I particularly love that last picture of you guys.