Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Because Optimistic Might Not See It Otherwise

Optimistic. said:

It's Q-36, isn't it?

Actually, I don't need clarification on that. It's Q-36. I'm quite positive.

Posted by Optimistic. to purplepetra at 10/03/2006 06:59:33

Wikipedia said:

Some people mistake the sound of "PU" for a "Q" and say "Q-36." However, the weapon's name is derived from the letters "PU" which coincidentally is the atomic symbol for Plutonium—named for the dwarf planet Pluto.

Never go in against a purple when...well, never go in against a purple.


Unknown said...


Katya said...

"You fell victim to a classic blunder! The first is never get involved in a land war in Asia . . ."

Tolkien Boy said...

Hee hee. "Go in against a purple." Hee hee.

So, yesterday, the teacher in class started talking about the phallus, as in--the phallus does this, and the phallus does that, and what are we ever going to do about the phallus?

I thought it was funny, which means I'm never going to survive graduate school.

Melyngoch said...

Tolk, if you didn't think the phallus is funny, that's when I'd tell you you're never going to survive grad school.

And Petra, why would I go in against anyone else? No one else is nearly so entertaining, not even in those Asian landwars. It only becomes a problem when we interpret the end of the argument differently, i.e., the purple thinks she's won just because she happens to have been right; I figure I still haven't lost so long as I keep the argument going even after it's clear that the purple was right, and . . .

Sometimes this makes my purple sister angry.

Th. said...


Have you ever been tempted to alter a Wikipedia entry just so you can quote it and prove your point?

Petra said...

Th.: No. Never. If I can't be legitimately right, I'd rather not be right.