Sunday, September 17, 2006

Note to Self

Do not (NOT!) eat very spicy and possibly dirty food before embarking on a three hour car ride. Any toilet found in gas stations in central Java is bound to be squat, dark, dirty, and definitely without toilet paper. The experience will be unpleasant, from begging your host parents to ask the driver to pull over, no, not in fifteen minutes, not when we get to a more convenient place, but NOW! to having eucalyptus oil rubbed all over your back and stomach by an assiduous fifteen year old maid. Never, ever, ever again.


noelle feather said...

Ouch. I feel your pain.

Tolkien Boy said...

Um. I don't feel your pain, as these sorts of things don't happen in my quiet and mundane life. But I do feel sorry for you, if that does anything to alleviate the humiliation of the eucalyptus annointing.

flippin said...

I both feel your pain and laugh at the fact that your blog's vignette now contains the words "butt heads". Puerile, I know, but there you have it.