Monday, July 23, 2007

Californians Anonymous

Hi, my name is Petra, and I’m a moveaholic. I haven’t lived in the same house for more than two years since I was 13. I went to six different schools before graduating high school. I’m just now starting on my tenth city of residence in only 22 years.

Some of this isn’t my fault: my mom is also a natural nomad and instilled the habit in us early with the dinnertime game of “Where In The World (Should We Move)?” (The final answer was almost always Addis Ababa. I think my parents just enjoyed saying the name.)

But some of it is my fault, I'll admit. Moving keeps me from stagnating: from growing bored, of course, but more than that, from staying the same. I love the potential inherent in every move. Each new place is a rebirth of sorts, offering an opportunity for reinvention and change. When I move, I’m totally anonymous and anything is possible. As I packed up my things for California, I thought to myself, this time I can be someone who can talk to strangers. Someone who likes to write. Someone who rides a bike. Someone who has hobbies outside of school. Someoen who isn't so relentlessly stingy. Someone who can wear high heels without falling over. Someone responsible enough to have a checking and a savings account.

So here I am in California, transforming away. In the six days I’ve been here, I’ve gotten stuck in traffic on a freeway, eaten overpriced Sicilian food whose ingredients I didn’t even recognize, experienced an earthquake, walked a perfectly groomed poodle through some of the priciest real estate in the Bay Area, and typed this blog entry on a Mac. I think, all in all, I've reinvented myself so well they should just go ahead and give me California residency right now. I haven't yet changed so much that I wouldn't appreciate the cheaper tuition.


Mr. Fob said...

I suppose you'll be changing your name then?

JB said...

Hey, we're in the same general area now. I'd love to show you the greatest burrito place in the area (though you may have tried it by now). PM me if you're interested. :)

mysh said...

I knew you weren't an East-coaster any more! (You're a roller-coaster, in case you were wondering.) This makes us closer in at least two senses of the word. However, if you ever claim to be a Barry Bonds fan, we will no longer be friends.

eleka nahmen said...

The Bay Area's my second-favourite place in the U.S. I'm insanely jealous of you! :) I suggest you eat mochi ice cream sometime, if you haven't yet had the pleasure of consuming the little delights nowhere to be found in Utah.

Ginsberg said...

Hey, I figured that since your dad is from Boise, ID, I now consider you cool enough to add to my list of "people whose blog I read from time to time".

I second Mysh's Barry Bonds comment. Best of luck there in California.

Th. said...


Speaking of, when are you planning on stopping by?