Friday, July 27, 2007

The Name of the Prose

It has been pointed out to me that "Upon the Islands of the Sea" is no longer an appropriate blog title. And then it has been pointed out to me that since the Book of Mormon and D&C are referring to the American continents as much as to actual islands, it's still an appropriate blog name. And then it has been pointed out to me that my friends think far too hard about trivial things.

I'm just kidding. That last one didn't take any pointing out.

So I'm trying to think of a new blog title, but, since any creative or decision-making ability I once had seems to have abandoned me, possibly in protest over my rotting my brains out on High School Musical and the Ensign, I put the decision to you all, my loyal readership. Pick a name from my shortlist or invent your own, I don't care, just pick me something appropriate. Go on, use those overthinking skills.

(Oh, and bonus points if you can identify the poems some of these titles come from. And I have a favorite, but I won't tell you which one. Just remember that you may not be voting in a perfect democracy.)

a rock, not an island
a hundred visions and revisions
go west, young woman
deep down things
some untidy spot
like a coastal shelf
my sweet old et cetera
profanation of our joys


Mr. Fob said...

The Petracave!

alea said...

my fave of the shortlist is the J. Alfred Prufrock.

The Donne would only work if your blog were centered on a secret, doomed affair. Which, perhaps you're personifying scholarship...But we all know scholarship is a woman, so that puts you in a tight spot, doens't it?

Th. said...


my sweet old et cetera

sez me

Ginsberg said...

I recognized the John Donne and the Eliot and, while I love Prufrock as much as any poem, I would like to cast my vote for "a rock, not an island" based on its wittiness and the Simon and Garfunkel connection.

lanada said...

e. e. cummings. always e. e. cummings.

mysh said...

I still like California Memer, but from the list, I'd have to agree with ginsberg and suggest "a rock, not an island".

Zillah said...

i vote donne, hands down, any time, any where.