Tuesday, July 03, 2007

An Educational Weekend

Things I Learned from Quakers This Weekend

1. ...
2. ...
3. We are like a grove of aspen trees, connected through tangled and deep roots.
4. ...
5. The modern global warming discussion lacks heart.
6. Join the journal. Oh, and join some committees too.
7. ...
8. One hour of total silence can actually be quite pleasant.

Things I Learned From Scientologists This Weekend

1. What's true depends on who you are.
2. Therefore I can't tell you what Scientologists believe because it's just my truth, and might not be yours.
3. But L. Ron Hubbard's truth is true for everyone.
4. And you can buy this book, or this DVD, or this book-and-DVD set, if you want to know more.
5. Scientology is a religion, as determined by over 65 court cases.
6. No, I'm not trained to tell you what this religion believes. But you can buy a book.
7. Psychiatry is an "industry of death."
8. And if you pay $17.99 for a DVD, it might tell you why.

Things I learned from Mormons This Weekend

1. Meeting Jesus will be just like appearing in High School Musical 2.
2. Testimonies will have the opportunity to be strengthened.
3. I don't really know what I'm going to say...
4. I know the Church is true.
5. Vague reference to trials.
6. Stops due to emotion.
7. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
8. Bingo!

Things I learned from Alea and Melyngoch This Weekend

1. I haven't lost my Boggle skills.
2. Or my anagrams skills.
3. Ice and salt can, in fact, burn you.
4. References to George Fox and his "shaggy shaggy locks" never get old.
5. Melyngoch and I need to have a "how long can you hold your hand in ice water" rematch. Beating Alea was just too easy.
6. Never sell a rodeo cowboy an insurance policy.
7. Dude got trivia'd.
8. Being Melyngoch's social coordinator is fun.

1 comment:

Melyngoch said...

Also Altoids.

Also you could just jump of a bridge or blow your brains out.

Also, I can't believe not even a single Reference to founding fathers.