Sunday, January 21, 2007

When I Grow Up

One day, I'm going to acquire a black dog or cat, or maybe even bird or fish, so that I can refer to it as my "pet noire."

(This will be even funnier when it runs away or has an accident in the house or otherwise annoys me. I can't wait.)


Braden said...

T-Rex would be proud.

Anonymous said...

If Dewi were here for holi and she got dumped with blue water, you could refer to her as your "blue dewa."

If you had a parrot and you named it Lavee, when you wanted it to talk you could "say la vee."

If Freud had a dog named Schaden that roamed the neighborhood, when people saw it they would that Schaden is Freuds (get it?)

Your Dad has one that even he agrees shouldn't be posted on the blog. It will have to be done by phone.

We now know how to entertain ourselves the next time we have to sit at a hospital waiting for surgery outcomes.

Melyngoch said...

dude, I want to know what dirty jokes your dad is concocting.