Saturday, September 15, 2007

Books, Books Everywhere

Last night I decided that, as a reward for surviving three whole weeks of school, I could quickly stop by the used bookstore that's on my walk home, and maybe even buy something. Fifteen minutes max, I told myself, and remember that you don't have much shelf space.

I should have remembered that I have no self-control when it comes to used books. One hour later, I started walking home again, laden with five paperbacks that had struck me as interesting, among two books of essays, one about the Mormon woman experience, and one by Camille Paglia. The salesgirl looked at me a bit strangely as she scanned them, and I don't blame her.

Last year I had tons of spare time, but nothing to read; this year, living within a mile of 18 bookstores and 32 libraries, my to-read shelf runneth over but my spare time is limited. Still, though, I can't complain, not when I wake up to the floor of my bedroom looking like this:

My room is clean now, with all those books neatly stacked on my shelves, but I almost regret that. Books make me happy, and books strewn about the room make me even happier--that and only that, makes a place feel like home. I can say, then, that this place finally feels like it's mine, something I never accomplished in my nine months in a homestay in Semarang, albeit for a good reason. (That place wasn't mine, after all.)

Now if only I could find the time to read all those books!


mysh said...

You're such a slob. If I lived within 50 ft. of you, I'd have put your books away long before you ever had a chance to take that photo. (Plus I would've straightened your rug, which I notice is a little crooked; also, those fringes need sorting.)

I am desperately glad, however, that you were able to work up enough courage to spend more than $3 on not just one book, but many!

Th. said...


Remind me sometime to tell you where you can get books for free. My trunk is full as we speak.

Mother Book said...

Glad to see that Tibetan prayer rug is being put to good use. A book on the rug is as good as a prayer?

Confuzzled said...

I recognize this floor! (Oh, wait--it's yours, not mine)