Monday, September 17, 2007

Stake Conference

a svithe

We had stake conference today, which, surprisingly enough, I attended, and was rewarded for doing so by not only hearing what was essentially a barbershop quintet, but also seeing my old Arabic professor (who still lives in Utah) and Carol Lynn Pearson and thmazing and Lady Steed and their ridiculously cute kids. I also heard interesting stats about the local temple, stories about working with homeless people, and what it means to "look like a Mormon." (Don't get me started.)

Really, though, what I learned, besides that I have a cool stake, was this: serve others. Be kind to others. Love others. Nothing else, not today not any day, really matters as much.


ewj said...


Ah, man--I still haven't met Carol Lynn Pearson!

What were the stats? I was taking a young feller to the toilet and missed them.

And I'm curious on your take on the looking-like-a-Mormon thing. But you can email me if you rather. If you can decipher my Mysterious Identity.

mysh said...

Yeah, that only works for so long. Then the rest of your life falls apart.

Director Mom said...

So glad you learned that lesson. Hope you keep learning all your life.

Anonymous said...

Oh Hannah- How is Carol Lynn Pearson? Some lady came into my Seagull Book & Tape (Mormonganda store) and said that she was "offensive, preaching about a heavenly mother of sorts"

Warm Regards,

Jacob (Brother of Alea)

Lizzie said...

I like the idea of a svithe (and i like the ones you've written).