Thursday, September 13, 2007

The International Poetic Alphabet (IPA)

a new, more creative phonetics transcription system

[a tea kettle's whistle
and hiss.
it stops
lets off steam]

[pride sticks in my throat

[a quick uh-oh of surprise
or pain]

[some days
i am bent

[the wind outside brushes against
bare branches]

[a storm builds--
heavy dark
and thunder rolls]

[what the thunder says]


Maybe I'm the only one who finds this concept funny. Whatever its other failings, though, this sort of IPA would make my phonetics assignments way more interesting.


mysh said...

Wow. Um ... freaking brilliant!

Th. said...


I didn't find it funny--I found it marketable. You should totally send this off.

Ginsberg said...

I'm by no means a linguist, but I thought this was great. I especially appreciated your allusion to one of the better lines from the Waste Land at the end. May he rest in peace.